Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Household Power Item

If there is one item I can't live without when it comes to babies, it's OxiClean. I'm telling you, this is one powerful cleanser. Princess Pooper struck in a big way in the middle of the night. It was an explosion that all moms can relate to. It went out the sides and up her back. It soaked through the onesie, through the nightgown and through the blanket sleeper.

There is not another stain remover out there that I have used that can get out breast milk poop. I have tried it all. A friend of mine recommended soaking the soiled items in water and OxiClean, so I figured what the heck? I tried it and she was right. The stains come out. Thank goodness my inner-blonde was smart enough to remind me to get a new tub before the princess made her arrival!


Rebecca said...

I've often wondered how well this really works. I think now I just may try it!

Ellinghouse said...

I too am a HUGE oxyclean girl. You are not messing around with that stuff!

Fratzels said...

Oh, do try it! It rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

I bet if you come visit me it will only take you about 5 seconds to figure out who I am. ;)


Shh... It's a secret!