Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thank You Notes

I was raised by a Mom who knew the importance and value in a Thank you Cards. She drilled the need for writing them into me, that it is now second nature for me. Not only is it second nature, but I have started drilling it into Little Man. He knows that not only do we say thank you when someone gives us a present, but we send them a card too.

Thank you notes are for more than just weddings. Thank you notes are for wedding showers, baby showers, house warming gifts, birthday gifts, new baby gifts, anniversary gifts and holiday gifts. Thank you notes are also for little things like dinner parties, summer pool parties, wine tastings and being an overnight guest in someone's home. These are just a few. Think of all the things you would like to be appreciated for in your life, then you will have your list appropriate occasions for a thank you note. People like to be appreciated, no matter how small the gesture.

When I write thank you notes, not only from me, but from my children I always do more than thank them for the particular item. I think it's important to tell them if you have already used/played with it and how much fun/useful it was. I also like to thank them for attending the event or for thinking of us/me. I try to make each note as personal as I can. For instance, If it is for family that we only see a couple of times per year, I always mention that I/we are looking forward to our visit.

There's no need to hand pick each individual thank you card you write. There are internet sources for packages of cards that will be perfect for what you need. CardsDirect.com is a great online source for packaged cards. Think it's just for corporate thank you notes? Think again. Check out the card to left - perfect for your kids' next thank you note.

I love this card because it can come from kids. Given that my life lately has been all about Little Man's third birthday thank you notes or Princess's birth thank you notes, I have found the perfect thank you card for both of them.

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