Sunday, April 6, 2008

A New Journey

Tomorrow the adults in our house embark on a new journey. A journey of weight loss. Our journey will be all about counting points (to those unfamiliar will all things diet, that is Weight Watchers - I joined and got an at home kit). We have needed to for some time. Health concerns have plagued us lately and have caused us concern; that should have been reason enough. Anyone that struggles with their weight knows it takes a lot to make us begin that journey - mostly because we have been through it before and gained it all back.

This time, we not only have health concerns on our minds, but we have a wedding to attend in the Grand Cayman about 1 year from now. Shallow? Perhaps, but it is the kick in the bum that we need to make us start. The thing is, we haven't been on a real vacation since our honeymoon. This will be our first vacation in 9 years - I want to look good (not bikini good - cause, let's face it, I've had 2 kids and my stomach doesn't have a lot of elasticity left - no one needs to see that).

I haven't decided if my blog will play a role in our journey. If it does, it would probably mean I need to be accountable to my 2-3 readers.


Jessica said...

Good Luck with the weight loss journey. I have not succeeded very well with my journey. I hope you have better luck.

nocryzone said...

You can make that 4 readers! My name is Heather,26, from Missouri. I've been married 6 years and have three kids ages 5, 4, and 2. you can see my blog at
Good luck with the weight loss, I need to board that train as well.

Rebecca said...

Good luck! I look forward to reading more about it - I've thought of joining myself!