Saturday, April 5, 2008


Today is the first day I am completely alone with two children. My parents left on Monday (they were here for 2 weeks following the birth of the Princess Pooper, and they were a tremendous help). The hubs took this week off from work to help soften the blow for Little Man. Today and tomorrow (Sat and Sun) he is working a home show, so I am alone.

I promised myself I would shower last night because I knew I wouldn't get one this morning. I was right, I didn't get one this morning but I didn't take one last night either - yuck! I braved getting dressed, but I sit at the computer un-showered and wondering if this is what the next 9 weeks of my life will be like.

Last night, whilst planning my morning, I thought I would pump milk after Princess Pooper's 6am feeding then I thought I would put in an exercise video - blahhh! Neither of those things happened. I went back to sleep at 6:45 and woke at 7:25 to get Little man out of bed. From there, I went on to trying to juggle it all.

I brought milk, two go-gurts and a granola bar upstairs for Little Man to have while waiting for Princess Pooper to wake up, eat and get dressed. Turns out, she woke earlier than I expected so the whole thing was sped up by 30 minutes. I managed to get it all done, then plop her in the baby bjorn and clean things up downstairs a little.

She fell asleep whilst in the carrier, Timmy happily played geotrax...both things gave me a minute to sit and post. Of course, now that I am sitting, Little Man wants my attention.

For the blogging universe of stay at home moms with more than one child...I throw this question out there: How do you do it???


Rebecca said...

When Yeva was born I was totally stressed for the first couple of weeks and then I got into a routine. I wasn't afraid to sit Benjamin in front of the TV for a few minutes either. I always shower at night and make no exceptions - otherwise I would never shower.

One thing I did was I put the play-yard in the living room and it had the top portion part for infants and I would put Yeva in that and go about my daily business. When she woke up I never ran right over to her - I didn't want her to learn that the minute she woke up it meant scream for Mommy. Rather, I would wait a little bit and finish whatever I was doing and then go get her. I also made sure we set up a feeding schedule ASAP. Sure, if she appeared hungry in between I would feed her, but for the most part she ate at the same exact times every day and that helped tremendously.

What I noticed is that she was most happy just to know I was in the room. Along with the play-yard I also made use of the travel swing (like regular swing only much smaller). I took that into whatever room I was in and I would also at time sit her in that and she was totally content just to sit up and look at everything. She was in the travel swing checkin' out the world at about 3 weeks of age.

And finally, I gave myself permission to slack off from the housework. I think it would be safe to say that I cut my load in half. My Husband has always been a great help in that way because it is pretty much his bets way of helping. On the weekends he would vacuum for me so that wasn't an issue and he would take over so I could do dusting and bathrooms, etc... The only thing I remained doing daily was my daily load of laundry. You see, there is plenty of time to clean the house later but there is only a short time that our babies are so small. The house got cleaned, but it was never spotless and I just got over it.

And, well, one more thing. I always went outside - even if just for a half hour - EVERY DAY. I would take the kids out with me. The thing is, if you stay inside stressed out by it all every day you will drive yourself nuts. I was going through major hormonal stuff after Yeva was born, but I found that the half hour outside every day really made me feel more calm. I would watch Benny play and I would hold Yeva, but I would also soak up some rays and get thet vitamin D in the process.

I hope this helped a little. ((HUGS)) Hang in there, you're doing great, Mom!

Jessica said...

I have only one so I can't answer your question, but I'm glad to see that you are blogging. :) Good Luck. I am sure it will be a bit of an adjustment.

Burg said...

I'm like Becks- I shower at night too.. It's just easier.

Ah.. I remember wondering the very same thing.. How do they do it? Well, for one, don't be afraid to plop the baby down in her bed, in a swing, a bouncy seat, or just on her tummy to play (where you can see, of course) a while so you can have just a little "me" time..

Second, nap as often as you can and let the house go! At the same time forgive yourself if you are still in pajamas two days after putting them on and smell like a day old ham sandwich. Trust me when I say it will all level out as the baby gets older. Everyone will understand, and those who don't can just not look at it.

Next, ask for help; that was one thing I didn't do until I wound up getting so run down and depressed it took medication to help pull me out. Even if you don't need help, find another adult and make it a point to just talk to them a little bit daily, about any and everything, whether it be your husband, another family member, or a trusted friend.. I'm sure that any one of us bloggin' buds would be glad to lend an eye/ear/whatever if you need someone who understands..

And hang in there!! Your days will run together, you will be more tired than you have ever been, you'll probably be late for everything you set out to do, but in just a short amount of time you'll look back and wonder what it is you ever thought was so hard.

Rebecca said...

Hey there,

I didn't nurse her, I bottle fed. I'm not sure what to suggest during nursing time other than maybe you coudl go pick up a special toy that is only for that time - a game or something? Does he have a Leapster? They are fascinating for the little ones and educational too. My daughter plays with it and she isn't 2 yet so don't worry about him being too young. IT may serve as a way to get him occupied. They are pricy, but if it works it will be worth it. :)