Friday, February 23, 2007

I am so Blessed

My dear darling son today did something so cute, it made my heart smile! His uncle was over and Timmy wanted him to hide. So Uncle Trevor told him to close his eyes...Timmy covered both of his eyes with his hands! Where in the world did that come from??? This covering of eyes and hiding went on for at least a half hour. It was the most adorable thing that has happened this week.

I dropped Timmy off to spend the morning with my dear friend, Bobi, who Timmy adores. We walked into her house and I no longer exisited. He took her to the basement door and said, "toys." Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful that he likes her and it makes me feel comfortable to leave him with her for a day, but c'mon - a little recognition that mommy is leaving would go a long way!

After dropping Timmy off, I had an interview for an administrative assistant position (and can I just say, administrative assistant is really a new title for a secretary. There's nothing wrong with being a secretary, so why do they need to change the name? Is it part of the "politcally correct" movement? If so, it's just gone too far!) The interview went well, but she only asked me one question. The question was, "Why do you want this position?" She spent the rest of the time telling me about the position. I tried to interject the conversation with bits and pieces of my experiences, but it was certainly an interview first for me. As I was leaving, she requested that I took my 45 minute drive home to think about whether or not it was a position that I was willing to drive so far for...okay, at this point, I need a job, so I will drive for it. I didn't tell her that, but did email her this afternoon. I thanked her for her time and told her I was still interested. She replied fairly quickly to the email to say taht she had completed her interviews and that I was her top choice. Wow - that's great news! .......

However, I am still waiting to hear from the PT Human Resources position that I had a second interview for earlier this week. In addition, I have another interview on Monday for a Human Resources position.

At this particular moment, I am feeling particulary blessed by the Lord. I feel like He has shown me so many opportunities and has opened so many doors for me. I look forward to what is in store for me. I know He will place me in the position that is best for me and my family.

Funny of the Day
Timmy had only one BM today, and it was first thing in the morning. By the end of the day, I knew if he didn't go soon, I would be in for a surprise in the middle of the night. After tub-time, I had him sit on the potty. I was right to do so - he had to go. He told me he was done, so off he hopped. (Mind you, after a bath our routine is to make haste to his room for a fresh diaper.) After flushing the toilet, washing his hands, and getting his candy (I'm sure you have already guessed where this is going), he walked into the hallway and waited for Mommy to finish things up in the bathroom. Well, while I was doing that....well, let's just say he was finished with his BM. I saw him standing there, then saw the two pile prize on the floor. If you can imagine, it took me a couple of seconds to actually realize what happened. Well, there was still some hanging on (if you know what I mean), so I ran him to the toilet and had him sit there while I tried to clean up the hall. Thank goodness we have hardwood floors in the hall! He was such a good boy - he just sat there on the toilet and waited for me to clean up the "mess." Oh - did I mention there was some on his leg??? No, well there was. So much for the bath....
I classify this as a funny, because humor in these kind of situations is the only thing that keeps me from breaking down in tears!

Sometime, when I want to re-live it for everyone, I will tell the story of how my birthday started in 2006. If there were cameras there, it could have been a sitcom! If you are really eager to hear it, send me a comment and I will post it sooner rather than later.

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