Friday, February 23, 2007

I just read this article that was posted on The article infuriated me so much, that I had to post it here too! I can't believe My Space. I breast fed my son for one year. Please don't take my outrage at My Space as an excuse to call me breastfeeding maniac! I am certainly not one of those women that look down on others for not breast-feeding. I can completely understand where they are coming from, as I had to be talked into it myself. It was not something I felt comfortable doing in public, but that's just me. There are many women out there that are very comfortable - and I say, good for them! For my space to remove photos of breastfeeding women and to keep on photos of half naked provacatively posed women is an outrage!

And hey, here is a pic of me breastfeeding - isn't it the most horrible and offensive thing you have seen???

Article courtsey of

The online community MySpace is stirring up trouble among its users that are mothers. Many mothers are furious over the fact that MySpace has been deleting any photos that portray breastfeeding. The photos are being pulled for violating the terms of agreement, which state that any content that is offensive, illegal or violate the rights, harm, or threaten the safety of any person may be deleted. Many are wondering how images of breastfeeding fits into those terms.As a virtual protest many mothers have begun changing their user pictures to that of nursing babies. The breastfeeding mothers claim that nursing is not offensive at all, and that by being more public about it they are helping to normalize something that has been hidden under a cloud of shame for years. Many feel that the sexualization of the female breast makes it difficult for many to see a difference between using the breast for sex and using the breast for its intended purpose, which is to feed a child. This is on top of an already diminished view of breastfeeding held from the early 1950s when doctors often told women that their milk was not good enough and many families felt that formula created by science was a better choice.The debated over breastfeeding photos has sparked a fire among those who support breastfeeding in public and those who feel it is disgusting. Many mothers who have breastfeeding photos are finding themselves attacked by those who feel that the breast is a purely sexual object. Hate filled messages are being sent out to many mothers on MySpace for sharing their breastfeeding photos, some are going as far as reporting every photo that the mothers have on their account often resulting in all of the photos deleted by MySpace.The mothers involved are furious and are not going to take it. So far MySpace has not yet commented on the issue, but breastfeeding photos are still being removed. Many women are claiming that this is discrimination. Images of partial and full nudity that includes the breasts are found on a majority of MySpace profiles, yet it is the breastfeeding photos that are being removed. As the ban on breastfeeding photos continues the firestorm continues to grow. One mother on MySpace commented "The power of lactating women has been demonstrated often in the media lately (Delta, Pork Board, etc.). Now it's time for us to take on Myspace."


Bri said...

Yep, it' Luke's Sissy! hahaha! I just learning how to do this blog ting so i don't have any pics of the boys on here yet! I love Your pages, Timmy's is soooo cute!

Super-Mommy said...

Thanks for the shout out! I don't have any pics of me being a milk bar, or I would post one too just to stick it to them! LOL