Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Trying Tuesday

Does anyone, other than my husband, know what the initials "PLP" stand for? Using the initials sounds much nicer than saying the full thing - pure liquid poop. Well, our day was full of PLP. Poor little Timmy had his 5th day of a super strong antibiotic yesterday - and the fun began today. Before 9:00am, I had probably changed about 10 PLP diapers. By diaper 10, the diaper rash had started. He didn't sit in a dirty diaper for long because I could hear it when it happened, and then up we went for a new diaper. Once the diaper rash set in, the crying began. He didn't want me to clean him up, but also didn't want to sit in the diaper. He was just a wreck. All I could do was cuddle him and pray that the Lord will heal his body quickly. When the diaper rash started, I followed what the pediatrician orders and let him run around without clothes for a few minutes following a tushie cleaning. Okay - running around, really means we played in the bathroom for 5 minutes after each cleaning. I'm sure you can imagine what happened in the those 5 minutes almost everytime - that's right....pee pee on the floor followed by the cutest uh-oh you have ever heard. And once, I was graced with a PLP on the bathroom floor. Yes, that's right - PLP on the bathroom floor that I was trying to clean up with one ply toilet paper (one ply b/c we have a septic system and that is supposedly best). I plopped his little tushie on the toilet, cleaned it up as best as I could, then ran to my own bathroom for some windex and paper-towels. As this is how the day continued. Daddy had to watch him this afternoon while I drove up to VT for my follow-up interview. Daddy ran into the same problems, but even more crying because the diaper rash was even worse. His last PLP of the day was around 4:30, so maybe the worst is past. Did I mention I am not finishing the 10 day dose of antibiotic? I can't put him through that again. We ended the day with a pedialyte frozen pop, which was the highlight of his day.
I had a 40 minute drive to get to my interview, so I took that time to listen to uplifting music and pray. A morning like I had was trying, so I knew I needed to relax during the drive. My CD changer had a mix of Stephen Curtis Chapman, Jars of Clay, Three Crosses, and Roaring Lambs. I listened to a couple songs from each, and was finally starting to feel more like myself. All that music and praying paid off. The interview went really well. It has come down to me and another person who has a second interview on Friday. The gentleman that I have been in contact with most was very gracious. He knew of my other job offer and I explained to him today that I needed to let the other place know my decision by tomorrow. At the end of the interview, he came in to tell me that he met with the 6 other people that interviewed me today and that I was still in the running and a very viable candidate. He didn't need to tell me that, but it was so kind of him to let me know.
So, here I sit at the end of the day with a glass of merlot pondering my day and the decision I need to make tomorrow. Today, I think I showed grace under pressure in all situations. I gave my son all the cuddles he needed instead of getting frustrated at his clinginess. I took my tired self up to an interview that really mattered, but managed to calm myself down through prayer and music on the way. It's so weird to say this, but it was a good day for me. A good day for my spirit.
My prayers tonight will be for my son and his health, and for this job that I want more than I realized.

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Mom said...

Great stories! I am thinking you should write a book. These are things that happen to every Mom and you make them sound so funny! You know they say pay backs.....