Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Running Hug!

Timmy is starting to catch on to Mommy's leaving in the moring. He wakes up and sees me dressed and knows that it's a sign of my impending departure. Yesterday was not fun. He clung to me, then when I told I needed to leave to go to work, he flipped out. My heart broke a thousand times over as I had to leave him crying. When will it get easier? Will my heart stop aching? When will he get over seeing me leave? Sunshine at the end of the day: It seems that absence does make the heart grow fonder. When I returned from work, I got the running, slamming into me, huge hug from Timmy. It was the best hug ever!

My parents leave today, which always makes me sad, but this time it will be even more difficult because now Timmy really needs to start daycare tomorrow. He will have been on antibiotics for 3 of the 4 day treatment at that point, so I am not so worried about him being sick and infecting other children. His asthma is still not fantastic, so I am faced with the question of whether or not the daycare will administer breathing treatments or if I need to go there and do it myself. Will my workplace approve of that? What makes the situation more complicated is that I need to take Timmy in tomorrow morning for his well child visit, so I am going to be late for work. Do I then turn around and say, "Hey, thanks for letting me come in late...Now, do you mind if I take a small break 2 hours from now to give my son a treatment?" I need to do what's best for my son, but I don't want to seem like a flake to my employer and I certainly do not want them to feel like they made the wrong choice.

I suppose all these feelings are what every working mother goes through!


Melissa R. Garrett said...

It's never easy, this juggling act of working and taking care of those you love. Thinking of you, and hoping that Timmy gets better . . .

Linda said...

I am at the other end of the mommy thing. I have one left under 18 at home. Two are grown and gone and #3 is 18 and itching to get out on his own. I have stayed home with them and homeschooled for the past 18 yrs except for one year when they were in Christian school and I worked at the school. It's not easy raising kids whether you're at home or working. Hope your son feels better. Both of my younger ones have asthma, my son was severe but he's 18 and now and his asthma is much better. He runs and works out which helps it a lot. I'd love to exchange links.