Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Time Fun

Something I didn't think about until just before Easter - can my son, who has an egg allergy, color Easter eggs? Luckily for me, Timmy had his 2 year check-up two weeks before Easter. The answer, when he's older he can. As a 2 year old, he shouldn't. The eggs could break, he could inhale the egg dust (did you know there was such a thing as egg dust?), could get egg in his eye....on, and on, and on....Best bet, buy plastic eggs and decorate them with stickers, says the pediatrician.

My Mother-in-Law found a plastic egg kit that included stickers for decorating. Timmy had a super time decorating eggs. He really got into it and wanted more and more stickers. It was pretty cute.

Easter morning my cherub awoke with a cough and a runny nose. All that planning for an Easter outfit, gone to waste. I didn't take him to church. There wasn't going to be childcare, so I didn't want him to infect the older population that attends the service (well, I guess I really didn't want him to infect anyone), but more importantly (for my own sanity) I didn't want to sit through a beautiful service with a grumpy toddler on my lap aching to get up and run free with a snotty nose and a coughing mouth.

So, instead, we got up and found our Easter eggs. This Easter Egg hunt was quite a joy for my little man. He kept saying, "Oh, look! Another one!" It was a pleasure to watch, and I almost felt bad that there weren't more to hunt. I even contemplated hiding them again during his nap. How do you, however, explain that the Easter Bunny comes twice???

***And, while I am on the subject of Easter, I have been meaning to share this little tidbit for quite some time. I read two parenting magazines, Parents and Parenting. Both, at least I think both, have a section where parents write in and share helpful tips that work for them. One mother wrote in that she put her little angel in the tub and let her color her Easter Eggs whilst in the tub. Call me crazy, but wouldn't that stain the tub. I have had the unfortunate experience of getting food coloring on my counter top, and it is not an easy job getting that out. I can't even begin to imagine how much scrubbing is involved in cleaning Easter Egg dye out of a bathtub. I loathe cleaning my tub anyway, so having to scrub it free of dye is not my idea of a helpful tip to make my life easier. Why not just throw one of daddy's t-shirts on the kid, put newspapers underneath the kid, and let the kid nuts??? I'd much rather clean the kid and toss the newspaper and t-shirt than scrub that tub!


Stacy said...

Hi Chrissy,

My mother-in -law has an old style countertop, you remember ...the white laminate with gold specks throughout. Well.. she lets the boys decorate the countertop with the egg dye when they are finished colorong eggs !!! She has always done this and in a few weeks it magically diappears! She likes the mix of easter colors on her countertop while they last. Go figure.

Melissa R. Garrett said...

LOL! Chrissy ~ I couldn't agree more!