Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Taste of Sunshine

I am blessed with wonderful grandparents that own a citrus ranch in Southern California. I grew up with the freshest of fresh citrus fruit at my fingertips anytime I wanted it. In addition to citrus fruit, they grow avacados - delish!
Some of my most favorite memories as a child were on that ranch. I so loved pulling a kitchen chair up to the sink and helping my Grandma rinse a sink full of Valencia oranges, and waiting patiently for her to cut them so I could press each half onto the juicer. I can think of few things better than fresh squeezed orange juice.

Imagine my joy then, when I tell you that I received a box of tangerines (and 2 avacodos) in the mail yesterday. They are the sweestest most delictable bits of sunshine I have had in a long time. You don't realize how much you miss something until it is no longer at your fingertips.
While I am on the subject of my Grandparents, let me stress again - they are wonderful people, and I am so incredibly blessed to be their grandchild and to have them as role models for the kind of person I am always striving to be. Here they are with Timmy and my brother's girls.


Eva said...

Oh, now I seriously miss my grandparents, too! They raised strawberries and potatoes in Maine, and I used to spend a couple of weeks in the summer with them at the stand, selling to the locals. I can taste those berries now. She'd cut them and put sugar on them, but I could never wait till they sat in the fridge for a while, so she'd let me have a bowl of them first. Now whenever I eat fresh strawberries like that, I think of her.

MamaLee said...

You are definitely blessed! To have great memories of your grandparents, and to still have them here!

Grandma C. said...

Chrissy, what fun to click on your blog page and find your latest writing - of the tangerines we sent you and your memories of coming out here when you were little. We have good memories of your visits, too. and wish you lived close enough so we could spend more time with you and Timmy as he is growing up. But, we did have a great Chrismas Holidays visit with you and all the rest of the family. Keep up your writing- I can keep in touch with you that way. Love, always, Grandma

Your Mother said...

Reading your notes on the Blog Page make me happy and bring back all the special memories when you were growing up. Thank you for continuing to make them all so special.

Jenny said...

I love that you have those great memories of your grandparents growing up!! And I can't imagine being able to pick my own citrus fruit. Strawberries, corn, apples, maybe, but nothing citrus. So cool!

Melissa R. Garrett said...

My mouth is absolutely watering!

Grandparents are wonderful, aren't they?! I received a call from my mother the other day letting me know my grandmother is in the hospital and not doing well. She's not quite 70 and up until this moment, I never imagined her as anything but the beautiful, young, and vivacious grandmother I cherished growing up. I can't bear the thought of my grandparents actually being gone one day. We must embrace each moment we are able to be with them.