Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Online Dating Reality Show

GoFish.com is running an online dating reality show where everyday users are given the opportunity to win a date with a celebrity for the next 14 weeks. Seduce a Celeb is an online first! The online audience actually becomes part of the program through the submission of user videos. Mirelly Taylor is the first celebrity to be featured. She has been in the movies Serving Sara and Kiss Me Again and the television shows Las Vegas, Numb3rs and Punk’d. She's a brave soul for putting herself out there like this. She has created a video about herself and the contest on GoFish.com.

Mirelly's top contenders are listed under her video. They all have hilarious videos themselves, which prove to be pretty entertaining. My personal favorite is her number 5, Big Papa. Quite frankly, he is adorable. Who couldn't like a guy that has his female co-workers surround him and watch him make a video for Mirelly Taylor? Not to mention the fact that his shoulders and chest must look totally amazing after having pulled off over 30 push-ups. I digress....really, I just think he is a genuine guy looking for something special. Perhaps his next video to Mirelly should show him on a date by himself and what he would love to do on a date with Mirelly - keeping it clean and sweet, of course.

Of course, now that I have seen this, I am hooked and will need to continue to look at her top contenders. I find myself wondering, however, who the next celebrity to take on this challenge will be? If I were voting and got a say, I would love to see Matthew McConaughey participate. How many single women out there wouldn't want a date with him? How many non-single women would tune into the Free videos at GoFish.com to see him? I know I would!

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