Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Parenting Magazine

I am a subscriber to Parenting Magazine and got my February issue. Upon reading it, I was disappointed. Enough so, that I sent them an email - which is not like me at all. Here's what I sent to them.

When my February 2008 issue arrived, I was happy to see a Food Allergies feature on your cover. As a mom of a toddler with allergies to eggs and all nuts and seeds, it’s good to see awareness raised. My hope is that someday an article will be written that focuses on raising awareness in parents of children without food allergies. These are parents that send their children to play group with peanut butter crackers and cookies laced with things that would cause a severe allergic reaction in my child. If there were more awareness in these parents, perhaps they would worry more about the crumbs left on the play mats from the snacks they send out into the middle of a play group.

I look forward to your Good Eating recipes each month, but imagine my dismay to see each of the 4 recipes featured contained eggs. You followed a feature article on food allergies with recipes that featured eggs, one “The Big 8” food allergens you listed. Perhaps these recipes would have been better suited for an issue where you didn’t have a whole article of food allergies.


Teri Kathleen said...

I was glad to see a new "face" commenting at my blog so I came to check yours out.
You're right. THat is appalling they would do that with the receipies!!!

Rebecca said...

Bizarre that the editors didn't think more about that - very cool that you wrote in! How cool would it be if they actually take your letter and print it? Very!