Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pregnancy Symptoms

There are a lot of joyful things about pregnany, but I'm not in the mood to focus on those. Instead I would rather focus on the annoying little tings that come from this most blessed bun in the oven.

1) The girls have changed. They haven't been the same since the first bun, but now they are even different. They are so sensitive, I think I can see them sagging a little more each day, and they itch. I hope the itchiness is not a sign of growth b/c if they get any bigger, I'm not sure what I'll do (the hubs, I am quite positive, would be happy to see them get bigger).
2) Food aversions abound. Nothing ever really sounds good to me these days. I pratically ate nothing during the first trimester, but now that I can eat, nothing sounds all that fabulous to me. There was that one time I was craving a Mexican Shrimp Cocktail, but since then there hasn't been anything of substance that I have wanted to eat. I have gone serveral days without consuming any meat products at all, which is so unlike me. Don't freak out - I got my protien from laughing cow cheese.
3) Discharge. I believe Jenny McCarthy said it best in her book, Belly Laughs. It's like niagra falls in my pants. Seriously....why does this need to happen? I have exchanged a monthly nusiance for 9 months of pure annoyance!
4) Hemorhoids. Oh, I'll admit it. I have them. It's disgusting and foul.
5) Urinary Incontinance. Just once I would like to sneeze, cough, laugh, etc without a little pee escaping. Thank goodness I am wearing panty liners becuase of number 3!
5a) - Getting up to pee 5-6 times per night. Knowing the you have to pee like a race horse, only to find a few drops trickling out - Thank you, little one, for doing a jog on my bladder!
6) Stinky Gas - How many of you out there were able to clear a room?'s really bad when you need to leave the room too.
7) Headaches. I'm prone to headachs anyway, but now that I only have tylenol to take, they just seem even worse. When I nursed the little man for a year, I swore I would throw an excedrin party when it was over - I did. I love excedrin and can't wait to have it back in my life. I will not, however, forgo trying to nurse this little bun for the sake of my precious pain reliever - at least you can take advil while nursing.
8) Pregnancy brain. I have dedicated many posts to this little pregnancy gem. I look forward to recapturing my somewhat intelligent mind in a couple of months.
9) Exhaustion. Do I even need to say more about it? I think I start yawning shortly after 9:00am and continue until bedtime a good 12 hours later!
10) Lack of Comfort. Oye - could sleeping be anymore uncomfortable when you are as big as a house? Last night I finally snuggled up with a pillow next to me; that helped slightly and was much more manageable than the huge body pillow they market to us women desperate to find comfort.
11) Decisions. Trying to sort through all the baby paraphenlia out there to decide what you really do and do not need. My mom likes to remind me that they didn't have all this stuff when I was a baby. All she needed was a play pin! And while I am talking about play pins, can I just ask...what happened to them? Gone are the days where you can put your baby in a play pin and clean the house. Now we have something half the size we call a pack n play - not the same thing.
12) Vehicle Travel. Realizing that once a second one comes along there won't be room in your car for anyone other than your immediate family. Then realizing that your worst nightmare might come true - you might just need to become a minivan mom.
13) Braxton Hicks. Oye! These little beauties are painful. I just experienced my first ones last night. In my last pregnancy they just felt like menstral cramps, which I can handle like a pro. These things last night were all too reminiscent of the real thing.
14) Tendonitis. This is a little known pregnancy symptom, but that didn't stop me from getting it (I like to to experience everythingI do with full force, so I couldn't leave this one out). With the little man it happened the last two weeks of pregnancy and continued until he was about one. Guess what started this week? I have 9 weeks to go and it has started. I need to dig my braces out from under a pile of stuff I was hoping to never need again.
15) Swollen apendages. Feet as big as a 500 pound women and fingers so swollen you walk around without a wedding ring on, causing people to look at you and wonder where the daddy has gone. So far, with this little bun, I have not had the pleasure of this happening. There are, however, 9 weeks left so I still have time of meeting my goal of doing this baby growing without missing a symptom!
16) Anticipation. Wanting to meet the bundle so badly, but wondering when it will happen and at what moment you will make the decision to go to the hospital.

Do you have any to add? I'm sure I could come up with more...


emily said...

oh the memories come flooding back....

You're doing great, the reward will be sweet.

Teri Kathleen said...

I'm due about 4 weeks before you and OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!! I totally relate to everything you wrote!!!
#3 - yeah, we get pregnant and think "woohoo 9 months w/o a pad!" and then we find out that instead of wearing for 7 days/month, we now have to wear them for 30 days/month!
#7 - you might wanna ask your doc for a perscription. i got one and it helps sooooooooo much
#10 - i've started a countdown, not for Ms Kayley's birth so much but for PRECIOUS SLEEP!! LOL
Good luck. We're almost done!! (i'm due 3/13 btw)