Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day?

Since becoming a mother, I have a whole new appreciation for Mother's Day. I mean, I always knew my Mom was a rock star, but I never knew just how much of a rock star she was! She put up with a lot throughout my and my brother's childhood - what a saint! In addition to that, I never knew what it meant to love someone that much and without question or reserve. When I really stop to think about that, I am in awe of how much she loves me. I guess what I am trying to say here is this: until you have children of your own, you can not understand how deeply your parents actually love you. So, thank you to my Mom for loving me so much.

Last Mother's Day was not the Mother's Day I pictured or wanted it to be. So, I reminded my dear Todd about it for a whole year. The poor guy really took a slamming from me for 365 days - okay, maybe not the whole 365 days, but enough to be really really annoying. He was a good guy this time and made up for it. He started the day by getting Timmy when he woke - I didn't even hear him, so it was a nice treat for me. He took me to brunch - which was awesome! We even had a babysitter, so we didn't have to worry about Timmy and all the things he couldn't eat at the bruch (the only things he could have had were the bacon and the fruit salad - pretty sad huh?) He also gave me a weeping Louisa crabapple tree - which was so great. Just last week I was at the nursery across the street from my office and saw one there and loved it. I didn't mention it to him, so he must have been reading my mind. We ended our day with a family cookout at the in-laws house. A good time all around.

Finally, here is where the question of whether or not this was a happy one??? My 34th year of life seems to have a pattern of me getting crapped on on each day that is all about me. To understand where I am coming from, please see my birthday story. Now, let me get on with the crappy (pun intened) part of mother's day. Timmy, as he does every day during warm weather, ended his day with a bath. I set him on the toilet before the bath so we could take care of business, which he dutifully did by going pee-pee. Great, then on to the bath tub. We were rolling along just fine, when I smelled something of the poo variety. "Timmy, did you fart? Timmy then said, "No, just farted, Mommy." Good, then we continued playing. When I say we, I really mean we continued playing. My hands were in the tub with him right up to my elbows playing hide the piggies. Eventually, it was time to drain the water...and wait, "What's that I see by the drain? It looks, it can't be....holy crap, it's crap!" I opened the window and starting screaming for Todd, whose was outside raking and doing lawn care in general - no where to be found. I picked Timmy up out of the tub with a towel, and carried him, a wash cloth and the baby wash to my bathrooom. I stood him up in the enormous tub and turned on the sprayer. I got him washed all over again, and was continuing to yell out the window for Todd - still no where to be found. Timmy, however, thinks this is great and is yelling for "Todd" and "honey" as well. Finally, the scrubbing was over and he got out of the bathtub I took him to his room. It was there that I finally spotted Todd watering the new tree. I yelled out the window, "Help...timmy just took a big crap in the tub." Thank goodness we live in a new development without many neighbors. In he came to take Timmy and occupy him while I cleaned the poop. While I was throwing the toys away (that's right, I threw them away...I didn't want to clean the tub and his toys...just too much poo for me - please don't judge me), Todd says to me, "I hope you know we aren't buying new toys." my mind I was thinking, "please go away unless you want to pull up a sponge and help me scrub." Out loud I said, "yep."

So, happy mother's day to me.


Anonymous said...

Oh that is crappy!! I'm glad your hubby let you sleep in, brunch was good, and you got a good present, since you had to clean a dump out of the tub later! And I don't blame you one bit for tossing the toys. Bath toys are cheap. Here's hoping potty training is accomplished soon - for both of us!

Stacy said...

Another reaspon I dislike bath time.......the infamous poo-stuck to-the-tub-clean up. Happens about every other month from age 2 to 3ish.......YUCK!!!!!

Toni said...

Ha! When ever mine got constipated when they were little- I put them in a warm tub bath. Worked every time! Sorry you ended your day on a crappy note!

Your Mother said...

Thanks fro the great Mothers Day Story. Strange, I don't remember you doing that in the tub when you were little. Love you lots! Happy Mothers Day.